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IFR Scottish Ambulance First Responders

IFR work alongside the Scottish Ambulance Service and as such have been trained to the highest standards in First Aid and the use of Defibrillators and respond to 999 calls where there potentially life threatening emergencies.

The IFR are a life saving part of the Scottish Ambulance Service where we provide support before the ambulance service arrives.

Your IFR Team

Your IFR Team is made up of local volunteers who live and work within the community and volunteer their time to ensure you, your loved ones and friends are looked after if the need should arise, which of course we hope it never does!

Your IFR Team are also strongly committed to ensuring that CPR and Defib training is taught in all local schools and to you the members of the community!

Location - Invergordon

Your IFR is conveniently located in the Invergordon Community.

We cover the following areas Invergordon - Saltburn - Barbaraville - Newmore - Scotsburn - Rosskeen - Balintrad - Kildary - Kilmuir - Lamington - Arabella.

This area will grow as we have more members join our friendly professional team.

How we are doing in 2018

Community Work Hours
Training Events
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