About Us

Community First Responders have been around for a very long time across the global and regardless of the country are usually first on scene giving vital life- saving first aid.

The IFR Team was set up from a strong belief that this is a much needed and vital service in our community.

Here at IFR we firmly believe that not only is saving lifes important but so is making sure training is available FREE OF CHARGE to all our youth in schools and to anyone in the community who would like to learn CPR/Defib and Recovery after all “SIMPLE SKILLS SAVE LIFES.

The IFR Team also proudly work very closely with the Alness First Responders, who originally broached the idea to the A.C.C for a First Responder team in Alness and we all trained together at the very beginning.
Working alongside the Alness First Responders allows for both teams to cover a wider area and a much quicker response time.

IFR are a voluntary group and as such receive NO FUNDING and therefore we rely solely on the generosity of businesses and members of the public.

We know everyone has a call on their money in various ways but any amount no matter how small will help us buy vital life saving equipment which may save the life of someone you love, so please either donate via our Just giving page or pop it into u.