Invergordon First Responders Launched

Invergordon First Responders or IFR short was set up in January 2018 to provide valuable life saving skills for the community.

That’s the lovely Natalie one of our First Responders who trained at the beginning

That’s the lovely Natalie one of our First Responders who trained at the beginning

We work alongside the SAS (sounds like we work with The Special Air Service (SAS) doesn’t it) but we don’t, the SAS actually stands for the Scottish Ambulance Service and the IFR team respond to 999 calls, providing live saving first aid to those who need it until the SAS arrive and take over.

So let’s fast forward a few weeks where the group has been set up with a name, a FB page and we have some lovely people signed up to become first responders, so it’s now time for four days of intense training at SAS headquarters in Inverness (Huge gulp and let’s try and settle the nerves, after all we aren’t sure what we have let ourselves in for).

So, how did the training go……..well it wasn’t easy but it was awesome and you learn a lot over the four days and yes there is a written exam and a practical exam (GULP) but we all passed with flying colours.

Our SAS trainers Chris and Allan were awesome and so easy to understand and approach which let me tell you helps when you are trying to take so much info in in only four days.

Although having said Tina (me) actually forgot to do the questions that come with the massive SAS training manual, so I then had to sit and write out all the answers and post them off (big Homer Simpson DOH from me and I am lecturer shakes head at self).

That’s me (Tina) doing the training to become a IFR at the beginning

That’s me (Tina) doing the training to become a IFR at the beginning

As a voluntary group we rely solely on donations from companies and members of the public and have been so very lucky in the responses that we have received and I do mean very lucky.
The following are the awesome companies that have either donated or have sponsored us
ICC (Invergordon Community Council) – Global – Serimax & Technip – Pat Munro – Glenmorangie – Harry Fairburn BMW – Many members of the public (too many to mention individually)

This has meant that as a voluntary group we have been able to buy our First responder kits, first responder kits by the way are not cheap it’s a minimum of £1500 for the kit (incudes the defib) and then there is the cost of the radio set for us to respond to 999 calls.

Then of course you have the clothing such as trousers and boots as we don’t think it’s a good idea to go out in our own clothes really do you?

We have also been lucky enough to fund the build of an awesome web site (which you are currently on) let us know your thoughts on our web site content in the comments (I will respond)

The IFR will be on call at various times responding to 999 calls and this will usually be cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes etc, it is unlikely that we would get called out to an RTA OR TO A CHILD IN DISTRESS.

It’s also important to note here that All IFR have been police checked to ensure we are trust worthy and safe to work with members of the public which we have all passed.

In our next blog we will chat about various events we have been doing for the community and what is coming up for the IFR Team, so don’t forget to pop back and see us.


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